Nottingham Boat Company Ltd has a mission to introduce more people to travelling the beautiful British and European rivers and canals, whilst living aboard or holidaying on boats, offering a gateway to an unique lifestyle of freedom with no compromise to comfort or living standards.

Our boats offer simple, luxurious, comfortable and affordable living. With equipment ranging from high level ovens, microwaves, integrated dish washers, separate fridge and freezers with Belfast sinks in the galley, stunning spacious bathrooms, WiFi, huge TVs and king-size beds.

We offer up to 17 years guarantee on selected floors, 10 years on selected galley furniture, 5 years on selected bathrooms, 5 years on Vetus engines, 3 years on our exterior paintwork and 2 years guarantee against faulty workmanship. All other equipment is supplied with the standard manufacturer’s guarantees.


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Our barges, wide beams and narrow boats are built to order and for sale from stock supplied with official R.C.D. (Recreational Craft Directive) documentation, built to conform to strict European safety guidelines as supplied by the British Marine Federation.

Designed to maximise control, safety and manoeuvrability our boats are easy to handle by all, from the un-experienced with just a little training, to the full time experienced boater. Incorporating a powerful and reliable Vetus engine (guaranteed for 5 years), backed by Vetus running gear (guaranteed for 3 years) at the very heart, and mixed with a well-designed hull that cuts through the water. If you add a Vetus bow thruster (see our extras page for prices), you will have the ultimate in controllability.

Exterior finish.  The hull is first professionally sand blasted and then sprayed with epoxy primer. Above the water line we then apply two coats of two pack high build primer and finally two pack gloss top coat to give you the ultimate protection with a long lasting shine. Below the water line we apply two coats of pitch epoxy, which we estimate will increase the haul out and blacking periods by at least two to three years. All our boats are supplied and fitted with sacrificial anodes.

Our experienced technicians have in excess of 40 years boat building and live aboard experience. This wealth of experience has been, and is an important asset. The end product is a reliable, practical, safe and user-friendly boat for both new and experienced boaters.

Our boats are ready to launch, supplied with soft furnishings and a cruising kit. All you will need is a license, insurance, cutlery and bedding.

For your peace of mind, a hand-over is included. We will accompany you on your maiden voyage giving simple understandable information on how to drive your boat and use its equipment.